Office space


     Along with the core value of the disruptive sharing economy where access to goods and services has more potential then possession of the same, sharing office spaces maximize your work experience with flexible and affordable spaces.

     Sharbico is there to provide options for few parties:
1. Individuals and companies who are seeking for additional office space,
more affordable or just nearby;
2. Individuals and companies who have extra desk, office, conference room
and are willing to share costs;
3. Co-working space providers who already established a network
and who see Sharbico as their partner.

     Benefits are different depending on what you are looking for:
Affordability & Cost optimization – you are choosing the option that is most suitable for you financially as it is transparent and easy to search; or companies are looking to easily chose fellow co-workers with increasing their profits.
Proximity– the app provides the list of places where you can see the location most convenient for you.
Networking – great possibility to connect with different community, gain knowledge from different industries, but also find partners for your projects from similar businesses.
Easy-use – find everything at one place, Sharbico ap. Maybe you need a desk now, but in few months, you will need a conference room for a workshop. Of course, plenty of different opportunities in different categories as well.